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Saros Fabrics

SAROS FABRICS was established in 2006 as a design and innovation oriented decorative fabrics design, production and marketing organization.

We have our production plant and a design center in Bursa Turkey. We have a total of 42 weaving and three multi color embroidery machines.

Our business philosophy is a very simple one which requires innovative and rapid product development, keeping a balanced stock of a number of articles in order to serve a various number of clients from North America, Far East and the whole of EU within a general delivery term of 3 weeks before shipment principle thus enabling them have a minimum stock on maximum choice, yet having and maintaining them proactive and competitive in a dynamic market environment.

For over ten years our company has focused on product and service quality along with product development and design. Our products cover a wide range of decorative fabrics including plain and jacquard weaves, embroideries macramé and laser cut fabrics for curtains, blinds, upholstery and wall coverings.

Over the past five years SAROS has become one of Turkey's leading contract suppliers of decorative fabrics and wall coverings for the Hospitality and corporate sectors. We offer unique design and production solutions whilst meeting all major global performance standards such as NFPA 701, M1,B1, BS5852, CRIB5 and IMO .

Saros Fabrics

We have over 1500 stocked items available for a 48 hour delivery for your particular requirements and mostly deliver bulks from in house production within a month. We are proud of level of customer satisfaction and constantly seeking new yarns and finishing developments to ensure continious flow of our new and advanced product offerings to our partners worldwide.

Our Table Linen collection includes Cold Wash Easy Care, Polyester Cotton fabrics in 22 standard colors.

Cold Wash Easy Care technology allows the fabrics to be washed in 30'C while Easy Care Bionic Finish ensures water and stain repellency. This amazing product is guaranteeing much smaller carbon foot print while saving money for the hospitality institutions.


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